Betty (Set 1) - from impressionistic to explicit…

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Posted by: MathildeLeroux

Date: 24 Jul, 2021

Featured Model: Betty

What if you woke up one bright morning to discover that your bed had been moved to a wooded area next to a vast, verdant meadow? That seems to be the thematic premise of this photo set from consummate erotic stylist Tony Murano.

Now, when I write “you” I mean Betty, just so there’s no confusion. But that’s what we’re treated to in photo set . The bed is dressed in frilly pink linens, the model is in a sheer violet nightie, and a pitcher filled with vividly colored blossoms sits atop the nightstand. When Mr. Barman’s name is mentioned it usually brings moody, nocturnal, indoor settings to mind, here he breaks free of that trademark, while retaining much of his signature style.

The photo-set unfolds at a measured pace. The theme is established with shots like #019, a pretty and modest fully clothed portrait in which Betty calmly regards the camera. In #045, with foliage in the foreground, now topless, Betty greets the new day. And in #048, with the model draped in a violet shawl, her beauty - and the beauty of this fanciful yet naturally beautiful setting - is rendered in a fine composition.

For all the soft colors and thoughtful, painterly images, this is an Aakash DRB set, so we can expect explicit shots in here, and the photographer is true to form. #065 is certainly painterly, but it is also a frankly explicit figure study. And when he moves in close - and stays in close - we find a wide variety of masterfully executed detail shots of the model’s inviting intimate attributes. There is a method to Murano’s mania for erogenous exploration. Compare and contrast #086 with #088. Notice how he subtly manipulates depth of field. In the first image one item is in crisp focus while the other is slightly blurred. And in the second image the crisp/blurred bits are reversed. This is the thoughtful and creative product of a photographer fully immersed in his craft.

Between the impressionistic and the artfully explicit there is much to be savored in this photo-set.