"Presenting" Faith Brown - Little Black Dress

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Posted by: JasonWard

Date: 04 Aug, 2021

Featured Model: Faith Brown

For her first MLP Studios erotic photo series, Faith Brown has a minimal number of accessories and adornments. She’s barefoot and a clingy black mini-dress is her only item of clothing. She’s got an ankh on a chain around her neck, and a bunch of yellow long stem roses bound with yellow ribbon. The entire set takes place on a sofa against a wall papered in a striped pattern. There’s plenty of visual interest here, but it’s achieved with relatively few elements.

I’m not entirely happy with all the choices photographer Garrett Neville has made here. The colour scheme of the room is too close in value to Faith Brown’s own cream and blonde colouring, for one. In a few shots where she’s framed against a dark background, as she is in #062, the result is much more flattering. And against the backing wall, with its horizontal chair rail, and the vertical stripe pattern of the wallpaper, he insists on tilting his camera this way and that through much of the set.

But these technical complaints can’t diminish the fact that Faith Brown is a most welcome addition to MLP Studios! The set is loaded with intimate anatomical close-ups and explicit poses, so shyness is not an issue for this newcomer. And Faith Brown's delicate features - both her face and body - are sure to earn her much favourable attention. It’s worth noting that while Faina’s lower half is quickly and completely exposed in the pictorial, we don’t see a topless shot until image #050 - but it’s definitely worth the wait.

As for favourites, I must say that Garrett makes up for much of his off-kilter imagery here by delivering a nicely composed (and well-posed) shot of Faith's regarding the lens in #109. I love the horizontal composition of #120, a beautiful headshot. And the key light in #099 brings out the pale fire of Faith's blonde hair dramatically. I certainly hope there’s more Faith Brown in MLP Studio's future.